2006 U.S. Economic Calendar
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Import and Export Prices
Released on 6/9/06 For May 2006
Import Prices, M/M change
Consensus 0.7 %
Actual 1.6 %
Export Prices, M/M change
Consensus NA %
Actual 0.7 %
2006 Release Schedule
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Indexes are compiled for the prices of goods that are bought in the United States but produced abroad and the prices of goods sold abroad but produced domestically. These prices indicate inflationary trends in internationally traded products.
Why Do Investors Care?
Changes in import and export prices are a valuable gauge of inflation here and abroad. Furthermore, the data can directly impact the financial markets such as bonds and the dollar. The bond market is especially sensitive to the risk of importing inflation because it erodes the value of the principal (the original investment) which is paid back when the bond matures. It also decreases the value of the steady stream of interest rate payments on this type of security.

Inflation leads to higher interest rates and that's bad news for stocks, as well. By monitoring inflation gauges such as import prices, investors can keep an eye on this menace to their portfolios.