My Investment Portfolio
My Investment Portfolio
We all want the best for our childrens' future, and that's why the Econoday® My Investment Portfolio® is a terrific way to teach your kids valuable lessons about saving and investing, and let them actually see their own portfolio grow year after year!

valuable features FOR PARENTS AND CHILDREN!

Stock Recording PageOn each page you and your children can accurately track investments by recording stock, bond, and fund investment details and activities.

ABCsofInvestingThe ABC’s of Investing” section helps children (and parents) learn and better understand key investment terms and concepts.

PersonalizePersonalize the My Investment Portfolio with your own child’s photo. Let them know it’s theirs, and use it to talk to them about the importance of saving and investing.

Like a “baby-book”, as children grow, they can actually see their progress, and appreciate the contributions family, friends and loved ones have made to a brighter future.

Good Habits Last a Lifetime

If you ask your young children what their dreams for the future are, they might tell you that they want a particular toy, bike, game system, cell phone, or a TV in their own room.

Sure, there's a time and place for these things, but introducing our kids to even bigger dreams and goals is important too.

With the My Investment Portfolio, you can talk with your kids about their future, teach them important lessons about saving and investing, and help them realize meaningful dreams like college, a home, maybe their own buisness, and a brilliant future.

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