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December 2, 2022
FOMC to lean dovish to moderate; Goolsbee new dove blood?
Named as the Chicago Fed’s next president, Austan Goolsbee will complete Charles Evans’ term which ends on February 28, 2026 and will be eligible for reappointment…[Read More]

November 30, 2022
Podcast – Tackling the demand-supply imbalance
Higher interest rates are slowing domestic demand but while supply chains now are less clogged than for some time, getting output back to its pre-covid potential growth rate is not proving easy. And that’s making controlling inflation all the harder.

November 29, 2022
FOMC voter rotation in 2023 leans dovish to moderate
Absent something unusual, the December 13-14 meeting is the last at which the current set of FOMC voters will set their stamp on monetary policy. FOMC voters consist of the seven members of the Board of Governors and five district bank presidents, four of whom rotate each year…[Read More]

November 28, 2022
High points for economic data scheduled for November 28 week
The November 28 week ramps back up to a full schedule as November closes out and December begins. The two standouts are likely to be the release of the Fed’s Beige Book on Wednesday at 14:00 ET and the November Employment Situation at 8:30 ET on Friday…[Read More]

November 21, 2022
High points for economic data scheduled for November 21 week
The November 21 week is essentially a 3-day week. The Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday is followed by Black Friday on which many people take off or which businesses offer in exchange for working Veterans Day. There are full market closures on Thursday and early closes on Friday…[Read More]

November 1, 2022
November BoE MPC Preview: A cautious return to normality
At one point it seemed that the economic and political chaos prompted by the Truss government’s mini-budget in September would completely upend the BoE’s plans for monetary policy. However, the subsequent succession of fiscal policy U-turns and, ultimately, the PM’s own resignation seem to have restored some semblance of normality to financial markets and mean that both official interest rates and the QT programme can resume something close to the paths that the bank originally envisaged…[Read More]

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