Econoday is a WOSB certified, privately-held California corporation that has been helping investors and financial professionals stay informed of market-moving economic events and understand their importance and impact on global markets. Our digital products are designed to make it easy to execute daily trades with confidence and plan long-term financial strategies and investments.

This company not only records every major economic release and explains how it moves the market, but it can also show you what lies ahead on an exact date—even a couple of months into the future.

Econoday can help a cash manager decide when to invest money to meet a payroll date, and it enhances an investor’s decisions by providing the most important economic data. Econoday can help a financial advisor communicate market changes to their clients by easily referring back to an event announcement with the specific date and time. Its benefits do not stop within the finance industry; Econoday can even make a class more interactive by demonstrating how an economic event affects the market. In other words, Econoday has everything.

Unlike other data providers, Econoday’s staff includes a team of expert, senior economists—each with more than 30 years of experience in the study and analysis of economic indicators. The supervision we have over the quality of our content is unsurpassed.

Unbiased. Our actively managed consensus data is the best in the business, and we’re one of the few companies that captures and preserves as-released actual data. Most companies override as-released data with revisions, which is fine for watching trends, but not helpful if you really want to understand why the market moves. And because we don’t forecast, we don’t have to defend a forecast when writing our analysis.

Jargon-free. Our analysis is accessible to experienced and beginning traders alike. When an event is announced, data is published immediately to the site, and the economists write a brief summary capturing the highlights with insight to the critical issues. Providing immediate and insightful analysis instantaneously is very difficult and our highly experienced team is brilliant in their delivery.

Market-driven. As our data delivery systems have become more personalized and sophisticated, our mission has remained the same. We want investors to be able to tie fundamental economic analysis with the movement of the specific stocks or market sectors they’re most interested in. In the end, we believe this powerful combination of data sets can dramatically increase investment effectiveness and portfolio value.

Focus on Market-Moving Indicators. The announcement of changes in economic indicators impacts all financial markets and all investment products. Yet even active investors often follow only cursory information relating to economic events. When you understand the full market impact of economic events, you can see the opportunities before others and win the competitive advantage.

Follow events. We keep you informed of the events that influence the market each day, but focus on the market moving indicators. These are indicators that have historically had the biggest impact on the market. We have identified 25 market moving indicators and provide an in-depth description of each.

Connect the dots. We track the individual components of these indicators. The online calendar provides the actual release data going back to 2001 in addition to long term charts of the headline numbers. This data can assist investors in identifying strengths and weaknesses in the various sectors of the economy.

Profit from opportunities others don’t see. We analyze the data. Knowing what the trends have been before an indicator is released is a great competitive advantage. If the release data surprises the market, investors will have a strategy in place.

Gaining the knowledge in how economic indicators influence markets will be one of your most rewarding investments.

With the unfortunate passing of Econoday’s founder, Cynthia Parker, the family-run business is continuing her legacy by doing what it does best: serving its enriched economic data to large financial institutions and the investment community.

Most recently, Econoday has launched two new products; a sovereign debt auction database and an agriculture economic calendar. These independent, third-party databases of live and historical coverage give enterprises an easily surveyed, unified platform for monitoring and analytics.