Investor’s Toolbox

Introducing the Econoday Investor’s Toolbox

Get ready to supercharge your investment journey with our comprehensive resources, carefully designed to be your trusted companion in the financial world. Let’s take a peek at the powerful tools packed inside:

2024 Economic Journal: The Econoday Economic Journal is a comprehensive resource for investors, traders, and financial professionals who want to stay informed about the latest economic events and their impact on the markets. The print calendar provides a concise and easy-to-follow overview of the most important events every day, every month, throughout the year.

Online Calendar Subscription: The Econoday Online Calendar is a vital resource for investors, providing real-time global economic event tracking, historical data with charts, and enhanced consensus forecasts. Partnered with Mace News, it covers movements of key central banks. The Econoday RPI tracks economic performance globally. Market Focus, Market Reflections, and Flash Briefs offer insights, while cloud-based delivery ensures timely access. A must-have tool for wealth managers and individual investors, Econoday combines comprehensive data with convenience in a concise, user-friendly platform.

Global Economics Subscription: Subscribe to Global Economics for a weekly economic briefing every Friday evening. ECONODAY analyzes key events, forecasts, and economic data from 15 major economies. Explore inflation, employment, GDP, and more, with insights into monetary policy impact. Exclusive Relative Performance Index (RPI) aids in comparing economies against consensus forecasts. Stay informed, subscribe now.

Agricultural Economic Calendar: Keep tabs on the heartbeat of agricultural markets. Timely updates on planting seasons, harvests, and global trends ensure you’re well-prepared for agribusiness investments.

Sovereign Debt Calendar: Navigate the world of government debts confidently. Our calendar highlights key dates and events related to sovereign debt, empowering you with insights into global financial stability.

Daily Global Economic Review: Don’t miss a beat! Receive a daily snapshot of economic activities, market movements, and significant events. Stay informed without drowning in information overload. Get a FREE 1-month subscription when you purchase the 2024 Econoday Economic Journal.

Articles & Podcasts: Unlock a treasure trove of knowledge. Our curated articles and podcasts cover a spectrum of financial topics – Central Bank Announcement previews, what to expect in the upcoming week of economic data and events that may impact markets – providing you with the wisdom to make savvy investment choices.

In a world where information is power, our toolkit puts the tools of success right at your fingertips. Elevate your investing game with these invaluable resources. Subscribe now and embark on a journey to financial mastery!