Historical Economic Data

Econoday offers access to our archives of Historical Economic Data for global events that includes our proprietary consensus and actual-as released data dating back to 2001. Actual-with revisions is also available from the inception of an indicator.  The actual-as released data plus consensus allows for a transparent look-back when analyzing market volatility and reaction on a specific date.  It is rare for data providers to have such a long history of “as released” data.  Historically the norm for data providers has been to override data in their system when revised data is announced which unfortunately results in the actual-as released data being lost.

We are happy to provide a list of the events we cover and the values included in each series.  The history of the actual-as released data will vary by country and reflects the start date of our coverage of an event.  Most US events begin in 2001, additional country coverage begins in 2003 and continues to expand as Econoday expanded its global coverage.

Historical Data Availability:

  • Consensus: Econoday is one of the few companies with an actively managed proprietary consensus. Our consensus is the median of the forecasts submitted by our survey panel of economists.  If a value is not deemed important enough to forecast, then we won’t have a consensus, as is the case for the participation rate in the Employment number. A forecast or estimate provided by other firms simply reflects a singular viewpoint by an economist.  Our consensus is derived from forecasts submitted by 20 economists.
  • Actual-as released: Our as released data begins when we started covering an event. Most of the US indicators date back to 2001.  Many of the global events date back to 2003.  We can provide a spreadsheet with the specific listing.
  • Actual-with revisions: Historical data that includes revisions will date back to the inception of the announcement.