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Economic Research

In addition to the coverage of daily announcements, Econoday economists write daily and weekly articles summarizing US and global market activity


  • Global Daily Update is published five days a week and summarizes global market activities focusing on the Asia-Pacific, Europe, and United States during the global trading day. The Daily is forward-looking and keeps you apprised of key forces influencing market direction and volatility such as the influence of the central bank activities and their impact in today’s markets. Additionally, The Daily traces the interaction between global markets and the influence they have on one another, keeping you well prepared for what lies ahead.
  • International Perspective is a comprehensive weekly wrap of non-U.S. events that influenced market activity. Recognizing that markets are no longer compartmentalized geographically, but are affected by events around the globe, IP features the topical implications of key economic events of the past week and looks ahead to what is next. Whether it is China’s GDP or an European Central Bank meeting, both are evaluated and their respective repercussions analyzed in relation to global markets. A global stock market performance recap and commentary are included as well as key influencers in the currency markets with highlights of price volatility in selected currencies.

Simply Economics focuses on the U.S. economy. It features a weekly roundup of influencing factors in the U.S. stock and bond markets, oil prices, and Federal Reserve policy. Key economic events that take the pulse of the U.S. economy are featured, providing insight into the direction of things to come.  Federal Reserve activities and decisions are closely monitored, accompanied by analysis revealing the possible impact on growth and monetary policy going forward.

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