Boeing announced 250 new orders for commercial aircraft in December after no orders being booked in November. The hefty increase ends 2022 with a flourish with gross new orders of 935, somewhat better than the gross new orders of 909 in 2021. However, when looking at net new orders, 2022 totaled 808, far better than the 470 in 2021 and the highest since 893 in 2018.

In December, Boeing received 182 new orders from North American buyers, 53 from foreign purchasers, and 15 from unidentified customers who are usually foreign military. The rebound in new orders lifts the outlook for the transportation component in the December advance report on durable goods set for 8:30 ET on Thursday, January 26. It should be noted that seasonal adjustment factors do look for strong aircraft orders in the final month of the year, but this should still boost the transportation component.

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