ECONODAY delivers
a Premium Economic Event Platform

  • World-class economic insights coupled with industry-leading technology provides investors and wealth managers with “must-have” economic data.

  • ECONODAY’s premium platform uses a wide range of features including upgraded charts and interactive graphics, enhanced consensus, and detailed economic analysis.

  • ECONODAY’s partner, Mace News, covers all of the Federal Reserve’s movements.

  • Gain an edge with the ECONODAY Consensus Divergence Index (ECDI), a simple summary measure for how an economy is evolving relative to market expectations.

  • Users have the ability to track even more global economic events and indicators in real-time, as well as the ability to review and compare historical data.

  • Market Focus and Market Reflections summarize both the day’s events and future events.

  • Be the “first to know” with ECONODAY’s Flash Briefs – quick, timely and digestible updates which alert users to potential market moving economic events.

  • Cloud-based data delivery.